torsdag den 28. juli 2016

Minor Cleanup and Simplification

I went through the document once more and took a critical look at some of the rules i wrote a good while back, and whether or not i actually used them in play. This resulted in some changes. After all, art is never finished, only abandoned.

Contact levels are gone. A Contact is just a Contact now. This also means a minor change to the character sheets and character creation. I couldn't recall a single instance where the a contact's level came into play in the years i have been playing the game.

A few of the Edges has been changed as well.
  • The most important is that the Rigger edges no longer require any Hacking skill. They now require Repair (drone) skill ranks instead.
  • Drone Controller has been changed to Veteran, since i found that a sidekick with two initiative passes was a bit much for a Seasoned character. 
  • Combat Biker now requires Driving at D8, instead of the Ace edge.
  • Sprawlsman has been clarified a bit.
The Wanted Hindrance is gone and works as normal. I don't know why i put it there in the first place. The Uneducated Hindrance has also been changed to be less fiddly and more in line with what it means to be uneducated. The Charisma penalty stems from the fact that highly educated people have massively different base assumptions than uneducated people, which often results in people speaking past each other. 

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